PFE Internships

1.1 Design and Development of a DevOps architecture

Tunis, Tunis
Work Type: Internship

Period: 4-6 months

Technology:   Docker, GitLabCI, Linux, Shell. 

Keywords: DevOps, Engineering, Mobile Applications, E-commerce app. 

Internship description: 

You will work hand in hand with the technical team to design a DevOps architecture that allows you to dockerize and define complete pipelines for code integration, compilation, testing, delivery and continuous deployment with the various necessary tool.

What will you do:

- You will dockerize Kamioun application;  

- You will create gitlab ci pipeline;

- You will create delivery and continuous deployment.

Hard skills: 

- Basic knowledge of any CI/CD platform such as  GilabCi,  GitHub Actions, Jenkins, CircleCI, etc.

- Basic knowledge of container technologies such as Docker, Podman and Kubernetes.

Soft skills: 

- You are a Quick Learner, 

- Geeky, and 

- Love Coding. 

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