PFE Internships

2.2 Develop an effective pricing strategy to drive revenue and retention

Tunis, Tunis
Work Type: Internship

Period: 4-6 months

Technology:  Microsoft excel, Magento, Python,  Notion

Keywords: Pricing strategy, Price analysis, Competitive analysis.  

Internship description: 

You will work hand in hand with the commercial team to carry out market research and analyze available data to set fair but competitive prices in a bid to make Kamioun profitable in the future. 

What will you do:

- You will analyze competitor pricing matched with market expectations to determine the ideal target price for products within Kamioun. 

- You will identify specific strategies used in pricing models in the industry and market. 

- You will evaluate the findings and propose the results to the relevant departments for effect.

Hard skills: 

-Microsoft Excel

-Knowledge with programming/computer:  SQL, R or Python, a Plus

-Data visualization

-Fluency in Arabic, professional level in English

-Ability to understand variation and basic statistics.

Soft skills: 

-Analytical thinker

-Ability to maintain confidentiality

-Problem solver


- Good communicator

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